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Action of Mercy Box!

During Lent we usually give up something or choose to do something positive. I this year of mercy we should be thinking of good things we can do to help others. The catholic Church teaches us about the corporal works of mercy and the spiritual works of mercy. 

These works or actions are a way we can thank Jesus and give back to Him what little we can (Mt 25: 31-40). What are your action/s of mercy that you have done or will do for Jesus? Please write them down and place in the clear containers in church. We will present them to our Lord at the offertory on Divine Mercy Sunday. The goal is to have both containers filled with our actions.

Corporal Works of Mercy:

  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Giving drink to the thirsty
  • Sheltering the Homeless
  • Clothing the Naked
  • Visiting the Sick
  • Visiting the Imprisoned
  • Bury the Dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy:

  • Admonish the Sinner
  • Instructing the Ignorant
  • Counseling the Doubtful
  • Comforting the Sorrowful
  • Bearing Wrongs Patiently
  • Forgiving All Injuries
  • Praying for the Living and the Dead