Basic Expectations of CCD Parents

The home is the first school in any child’s life. Parents therefore are and will remain the first teachers that any child will ever know. This is true in matters of faith as much as it is in ordinary academics. This position thus places certain responsibilities on every parent. As the first catechists, parents are expected to provide a role model to their children, first of all by their own faith lives and then by their response to every life situation, big or small.

As co-catechists and evangelizers, parents are expected to:

  • Live a good Christian life and model the same to their children.
  • Teach their children matters of faith and morals in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church
  • Attend Masses on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation
  • Participate fully in the Parents’ instruction Classes
  • Develop formal and informal prayer experiences in the family
  • Participate in the faith of the parish to which they belong
  • Drop off their children to catechism classes and pick them up on time according to schedules
  • Exhibit a positive attitude in interactions with the catechetical staff and the parish community
  • Supervise their children and make sure that they complete given assignments before the next class
  • Seek help when having difficulty with any member of the catechetical staff
  • Report any suspected child abuse as mandated by law