Today is the Church’s greatest celebration because we rejoice in the fact that Christ has conquered sin and death and that He lives! The best part about all of this is that He shares every last fruit of His victory with us.

Because of this great gift, we too are called to live! By this I don’t simply mean that we are called to continue to eat, breath, and possess a beating heart. We are called to LIVE!!! We are called to allow the grace, joy, peace, and dynamic power that comes forth from the risen Christ to flow through our very being! He holds nothing back. But in order for us to be fully alive in Christ, we need to do our part to open up our hearts to receive this life. This requires living the life that Jesus has laid out for us. This requires daily asking Him to guide us so that we can remain fully alive. Straying from His path distances us from the life that we have been given.

On this Easter Sunday more than ever we ought to trust in the promise of joy that comes when we live out our God-given vocation. So let us take time to fully appreciate the fact that today is the greatest day to rejoice that God has a unique plan for each of our lives, and let’s strive our best to follow His voice so that we can receive His life to the fullest and so that we can in turn radiate the glory of the resurrection to the world!

– Fr. Keith Romke