2019 Yolanda Garcia Nava Award

The Yolanda Garcia Nava award is an award which will be given each year to honor Yolanda for her dedication not only spiritually, but for her hard work in and for the church and the Hispanic Community as well. The award is given to an individual or individuals who do good works in the church, and with and for the Hispanic Community.

Yolanda was a special person who was always willing to help and always set a great example, not only in her commitment to the church, but also as a role model in her faith.

This year three awards were given at the Celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The first award was given to Yolanda’s children in honor of all the hard work she did for the church and for her faith to the church.

The second award was given to Esperanza Viveros for the many things she does for the church, organizing events, cooking, and carrying out activities to raise money.

The third award was given to Ann Peters for the many things she does with and for the Hispanic Community, and for always being there to help when help is needed.

Thank you to all for the many hours of support and dedication you give to St Mary Church.Yolanda Garcia award 2019