I will not embed this video on this web site, it is done on purpose so you think about it before you see it. 

Want to know what actually happened to those teens from Kentucky? Here is the video. These kids were utterly attacked and suffered over an hour of verbal violence by the Black Israelites. Then those attacking them encouraged the Indians to make their seen. These poor kids…

did the best they could with what they knew how to handle this very hot situation. There was no hint of violence in their behavior. But why isn’t CNN all over this racist and homophobic behavior that these teens had to put up with? (1:25:00 and right after) But no, they will gloss over 1:46:00 and after on calling any priest that walks by a pedophile. Why aren’t they after the anti Indians? (from the beginning till half way through) Why is it that the Black Israelites never felt threatened? (1:40:20) If the teens really WANTED TO DO VIOLENCE, WHY WERE THEY SO HAPPY THAT THE BUS FINALLY SHOWED UP AND ALL REJOICED TO GO HOME? (1:26:20) But keep watching the last ten minutes. There actually was a conversation. The kids at the end were actually able to explain some things about the faith; like “Hail Mary” and where it comes from the bible and honoring your mother in the Ten Commandments. One also gave a witness about how his experience is that he has never experienced a priest pedophile, as the Black Israelites would always accuse any priest that walked by, and even Male Catholics. Evidently, this extremist group does not know (Mt 5:43-47). Cherry picking scripture and glossing over Mt 5:1-12, Mt 11:29, Eph 4:26, Ja 1:19-20, Prv 29:11, Prv 19:11, Eccl 7:9, Prv 15:1, Prv 15:18, Col 3:8, Ja 4:1-2, Prv 16:32, Prv 22:24, Mt 5:22, Ps 37:8, Prv 14:29, Mt 7:1-2, Lk 6:37-38, Jn 8:7, Lk 6:31-36, Ja 4:11, Rm 2:1-3, Rm 14:10-13, Rm 12:16-18, 2 Cor 5:10, Jn 3:17, Gal 6:1, Mt 12:36-37, Mt 7:12, Ja 3:17, Eph 4:29, Gal 5:22, 1 Thes 5:15, Ja 3:18, Phil 4:7, 1 Pt 3:9-11, Rm 12:20, Rm 14:17-19, Col 3:13, Mt 6:14-15, Eph 4:31-32, Mt 6:9-15, Mk 11:25, Mt 26:28, Lk 23:24, Jn 15:12 and Mt 18:22. I could go on.

I was wondering if the Indians did not understand that it was the Black Israelites that attacked them in the first place. Most of the Indians in the protest seemed innocent, but the elder was most certainly not. He has a history of trying to provoke tension. The night before, that same elder tried to break into the Basilica to disrupt the Mass. My Bishop said he heard them pounding on the door. Then on Wednesday, long after much more info had been well known, CNN was still pushing their narrative. Catholics do not believe in violence, being rude or judging others, but it is concerning that so much anti-Catholicism has been out rightly promoted. Even the elder of the Indians had his two cents to say about the Catholic Church (http://www.ncregister.com/…/fuller-picture-emerges-after-co…). On top of that, he does not seem to be honest about what his experience was. It makes no sense to me how he could be offended by the teens and not by the Black Israelites. I encourage you to read it as it is much less offensive than what the Black Israelites had to say in the video.

I do not like the idea of even putting this up, but people need to be made aware of the vile actions that these students had to put up with before the elder even showed up. The teens did not handle the situation perfectly by any means, but they did not intentionally offend anybody, that is obvious. I do not even see a sin on their part.

I hope this can be something all sides can learn from. I hope that the grace of God can bring true healing to those kids, the Indians and the Black Israelites. I hope the Black Israelites see the error of their violent words. They were most certainly not of love to save souls. I hope the Indians can find unity, peace and experience Solidarity from the rest of America. I hope that these children can grow in their faith through this and become witnesses of the Goodness of Jesus.

As for CNN and all those who are doubling down on the narrative, why should I even listen to them any more. It is a blatant lie with total disregard to the lives at stake, Our Catholic Children.

To see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OblYLTWfR20