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Transfiguration of Our Lord

Taken from the reading from Matthew 17:1-9. Jesus’ transfiguration illustrates for us His absolute power and authority over us. This is a good thing. Because in the transfiguration we see clearly it communicates His power and authority to judge. This means He has authority to judge us forgiven. But would He? Listen and find out!

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Living the Moral Life 54

The Devil also has his companions, the daemons. Daemons are angels that are fallen. They are more powerful than we are without God’s grace, but we are more powerful than they are in the order of grace.

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Dignity of Women and The Faith They Need

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Living the Moral Life 1

Since I seem to be on this kick of writing sequences of bulletin articles, I will start another one with brief reprieves to discuss other important and appropriate issues. Since I just finished a series on the mercy of God, my favorite subject and one that I am an expert in due to my bountiful experience of His mercy, and since my Morals Teacher was one of the best in the US, I have decided to share some of what I was taught and my meditations on this subject. Continue reading