January 22, 2024 2:30 pm

CHANGE FOR LIFE begins this weekend!

Our parishes are partnering with the Freeport LifeLine Coalition in their Change for Life baby bottle campaign. All of our donations go towards helping new mothers have the medical care, support, and resources needed to choose life. We need your help!

Three ways you can participate . . .

1. Pick up a bottle at your church on Sunday, January 21st. Take it home, fill it with loose change (we accept bills and checks, too!), and return it to your church by February 18th. Call us at 815-232-5433 to arrange pick up and drop off of a bottle if your church doesn’t have any available for you.

2. Participate virtually without a baby bottle. You can make an online donation via the link attached.

3. Pray for abortion to be erased from our community. We have seen many women struggling with what to do regarding their pregnancy choose life when people like you have lifted them up in prayer. Prayer saves lives!
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