Death and Human Dignity


ProLifeCorner- Freeport, Il – by AnnaRae – 10-13-2014 – Our country and our world is suffering from the culture of death; we suffer from not only Ebola and other deadly viruses, but from the disease of the mind that condones abortion and euthanasia. It seems tempting to encourage people who are facing pain, from cancer or some other illness, to seek out someone who will help them end their life so they do not have to go through this agony. It seems tempting to encourage young women to seek an abortion if they do not want or cannot afford to bear a child at this time. Do we think of the pain she will endure down the road? The regrets, the sorrow, the physical difficulties?

As we look around we are seeing the culture of death is reigning. The nation was warned by many pro-life advocates that if abortion were decriminalized not only would abortions increase, but we would be on a slippery slope towards euthanasia and assisted suicide. Well, that day has arrived. We fail to realize that every human being is a sacred temple of God; a living instrument of God’s grace and that we have infinite value. Until we realize our dignity, death will continue to conquer. We must join together and pray for an end to the culture of death all over the world. Not only from disease and abortion, but from those who hate the Christian faith and are continuing to slay our brothers and sisters worldwide. Pray! Pray! Pray! For peace and for God’s Mercy.