Vocations Corner: Good Behavior?

Sometimes we can think hearing what God desires from us is like a reward for good behavior; “If I am good, then God will tell me what He wants me to do.” That is not necessarily the case. In fact, there are MANY instances when God called somebody when they weren’t living healthy lives. Take St. Paul for example. He was on his way to imprison and murder Christians when God called him from that way of life to a more perfect way of living. The same can be true for us- maybe not to the extent of St. Paul- but we don’t have to “be good” in order to hear His voice, but rather it will be His voice that leads us to a more healthy and perfect way of living. We simply have to give God the space to communicate His desires for us. Because once we do that, we begin to discover that His desires are in fact the deepest desires of our own hearts.
– Fr. Sean Grismer