St. Augustine Institute Initiatives

AMEN: A New Free Prayer App!

We are about to launch a new app for prayer: AMEN. Given that prayer is as necessary as breathing for a Christian, we have wanted to come up with a platform that will help get out the rich content we have on prayer to make it easy for people to pray. The app we are releasing will employ Scripture and the richness of our two-thousand-year-old Catholic tradition of prayer. As we approach the launch date of October 15, we are getting more and more excited about AMEN’s layout and ease of use, as well as the audio quality of the daily meditations. Everyone should have AMEN. We are going to trust Providence that generous hearts will come forward and donate to support this new venture.

Coming up, St. Augustine Institute is beginning the religious faith of heart initiative. Through this, we are to remember that bad news is inevitable- but we shouldn’t fear it. We should trust in God to see us through trauma and disaster.

FORMED en Español – for Free!

This month we celebrate the sixth year of FORMED! We have many great programs on FORMED translated into Spanish, but have been wanting to meet the requests from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and many countries throughout Central and South America to launch a specifically Spanish FORMED platform. Can you help us share the good news to all in Central and South America? We are losing so many Catholics in these countries to secularism and proselyting from other faiths that we must change the tide. Will you help us?