JMJ: Consecrating the Home to the Holy Family

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was known to always write JMJ, meaning, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. He had a great love for Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I have not read up on how he acquired his love for them, yet it does not take much to see it.
It does not take much to see why either. Together they make up what we know to be the “Holy Family.” The first J is for Jesus. Jesus is the one human that is also divine. Jesus is God with us. In the context of the family, we would first think of Jesus as a child. Jesus comes to us first as a child. He comes not as someone to judge, but to be held. This God of ours came as somebody vulnerable so that we may experience His love. It is hard to imagine how the all-powerful God chose to come to us in such a fashion. This thinking is far from human thinking. Yet, this is the reality. God has so loved the world, and each and every one of us, that He sent His only begotten Son.

When He sent His Son on such a great mission, to come and die on the cross for us, He also sent Him parents that would take care of Him. The M stands for Mary. Mary is the mother of Jesus and that makes her the Mother of God. She was the one who had to teach Him how to talk, walk, and many other things. She was the one who would change His diapers, feed Him and simply love Him as a child and as He entered into adult life. A mother’s work is never done. No wonder they are always tired! She would have to protect Him from whatever is harmful and nurture Him. She is our mother also and would do the same for us. This is so true, that she even submitted her Son to die on the cross for us.
The last J is for Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Joseph was there to protect and guide Jesus, especially in His developmental years. He would protect Jesus and show Him how to be a man. How to shake hands and look at someone in the eye. The heavenly Father knew that it would not be good for Jesus to grow up in a family where virtue was lost and love absent.
That is why it is so fitting that the Knights of Columbus are inviting us to consecrate ourselves and our families to the Holy Family. It is fitting as we contemplate the Holy Family as Jesus is Born and laid in His mothers’ arms and Joseph tries to find a place for Him. It is also fitting for the Knights, as they are dedicated to families by being pro-life, helping mothers in need, and doing the many fundraisers to help people and their families.
It is fitting that the Knights would invite us to consecrate our homes and families because it is a good thing. When parents can’t be there, we ask Mary and Joseph to be there and for Jesus to be with us. We hope that the gentleness of Jesus may guide us and the intercession of Mary be over us and our children. On this consecration, we can hope that the father of Jesus, Joseph, would gently lead us to the ways of holiness and help us persevere in faith. Joseph and Mary gave their lives in service to Jesus and are examples to us on how to live with grace and peace. They are the intercessors from above dedicated for our families.
To cap it all off, Archbishop Fulton Sheen will be made a “Blessed” on December 21 of this year. Yes, it is truly fitting that we consecrate our homes to the Holy Family as we prepare for that day and for Christmas. May the Holy Family always be with us! We will do the consecration next weekend, December 7 & 8, at the end of Mass. I look forward to doing this with you as our parish family. JMJ pray for us!