Holy Hour and Healing Service at Sacred Heart Chapel (Presence Care Center)

The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima is coming to Presence Care Center in the Sacred Heart Chapel on Friday, September 28 at 3pm (the hour Jesus died on the cross for us). There will be a Holy hour and healing service while Our Lady is present.
What is a Holy Hour and Healing Service? It is a time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar. During the “Benediction” when the priest blesses the people with Jesus in the Eucharist at the altar, he then comes out from behind the altar and makes the sign of the cross over each person individually. That is the time of healing for the adoration. Mary’s presence will be there asking God for healings.
What’s the big deal about this statue? This statue was made in 1947 by a Dominican Priest from America that was commissioned by Cardinal Spellman of New York to bring the message of Fatima here to the United States. His goal was to make the statue according to what sister Lucia saw in the vision at Fatima. Lucia was able to even use some utensils to shape this very statue. It was blessed by Pope Pius the XII and was sent out on pilgrimages to parishes throughout the world. It will be in Freeport for three days! Many miracles have been attributed to this statue. Some physical healings, some miracles of conversions of the most hardened hearts.
Come and experience the profound message of Our Lady of Fatima.
Presence Care Center

Sacred Heart Chapel

Beginning 3pm