Vocation Corner

Every time I get in my car and travel to an unknown location, I do one simple thing to get there. I plug the address into my GPS. The GPS determines my location, my destination, the amount of time to get there, and the route. Once this is all calculated, I simply click ‘start’ and I am on my way. I put the GPS in the holder of my car and drive. Almost every time, I get to the exact location that I was desiring and the navigation system even got me there with the quickest path.

You see, it’s amazing that I completely trust my GPS to get me from point A to B, yet at times we doubt God’s ability to guide us. We should all be entering prayer each morning asking God to navigate our days because He knows exactly where our heart is at, where it should be going, and how to achieve His desires for us. He will even get us there in the most beautiful way because He promises that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is our task to come to Him daily with the desire to say ‘yes,’ and then ask Him to speak and become our Divine Navigator. Say ‘yes’ and hear His voice!

Fr. Kyle Manno