Roe v. Wade Anniversary

January 22 marks the 46th anniversary of the decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. It is most unfortunate that our justices made the decisions they made, opening the door for more than sixty million babies being killed from abortions in the US alone since that time. But more was at stake than abortion and the lives of babies. The ramifications of what was to follow would devastate America and the whole world.

The debate in Roe v. Wade asked if the entity was a person. We know today that DNA says it is a human being. But many question if “it” is a human person. To them, a human being is different than a human person. Classifying “it” as a non-person is tantamount to making it some sort of sub-human. They might agree that the science says it is a human being; the DNA proves that. But to prove the personhood is harder to define and easier to obscure.
If we can do this to one class of people, then we can apply the same principles to others. All we would need is some sort of classification or reason to group a population into the sub-human group. Let us say, usefulness. If a group of people seem unuseful, then we can say they are not worthy of being in society. Maybe we can base it on intelligence. If a person is cognizant, then they are worthy of life. Maybe dependence can be a tool to use to say that person is not worth living. How easy it would be to convince people who are depressed that their life is not worth living? How much money do you think insurance companies would save if they did not have to pay money for those who are depressed? How much money would be saved because of those who are not “useful” due to their poverty? If ‘x’ amount of people were killed, how much would social security save? What if we convince people not to have babies at all? Politicians and professors from the Ivy League have been discussing these things for decades. They have taught these things to our children for many years now.
Principles of truth and love are even being eroded. Science has been thrown out of court in order to provide an open door for agendas, not principles. The sonogram was thrown out in Roe v. Wade as scientific evidence of the human living in the womb. We can see its legs, arms, and even heartbeat at eight weeks. Male and female are now legally changed by how a person identifies themselves. Love is now based on an emotion, not on the will. Freedom is based on doing what you want, and liberty is about what you get.
There has been a radical shift in the American culture since the time of roe v wade. This decision did not necessarily make all these changes come about, but it did act as a springboard into self-interest. Abortion really was not just an end in itself, it was meant to bring in an era of the culture of death that is immersed in our culture and in the lives of Catholics.
So many people have been devastated by this plague. Many may not even be aware of it. So many people look at others and even their own bodies as an object of use. Then they wonder why fulfillment is not achieved in their relationships. But there is one relationship that can bring us true peace and fulfillment. That relationship is with Jesus. Jesus, save us!