Mother Mary, Stay with Us

As we come to the close of September, we come to the month of the Holy Rosary, October. We also thank Mary, the mother of Jesus, for visiting us. I hope your experience with the Statue of “Our Lady of Fatima” has been a powerful experience. Mary, the Mother of God, has been part of the Catholic experience since the beginning of Christianity.
Granted, a statue is just an image and Mary herself is not to be worshipped either, but her presence always seems to lead us to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Remember when Mary said, “Do Whatever he tells you” in the gospel of John, 2:5? It calls us all to obedience to Jesus and witness his goodness through that obedience. If those men did not do what Jesus said, the miracle would never have happened. …

Or how about when Mary accepted Jesus into her life when she said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). She herself gave her life to Jesus. She embodied the true Christian by her total yes to God. We dare to follow in those same footsteps.
Remember how she was there at the foot of the cross in her silent witness and sharing in the cross that her Son bore for us? She never left his side, while the apostles, at some point or other, did.
Mary’s teachings of the way she lived encourages us today and spurs us on to victory! Somehow, we find strength to carry our crosses with Mary at our side. She is truly a devoted mother to all her children. No wonder Jesus gave her to us as he hung upon the cross. Her statue may leave us this Sunday, but the relationship we have with her in Christ Jesus can continue. Ask her to be with you and to live in your home and to lead you to Jesus. Here is a quick prayer you can pray to invite her.
Mother Mary, Our Lady of Fatima and Mother of God, I thank you for coming to my parish. Thank you for the many prayers you have prayed to Jesus your Son on my behalf. I ask that you not just be a guest who is here for a short time, then gone. I want you to live with me in my home. Care for all those who live here. My house is your house and my family is your family. Be a good mother to myself and those who live here. Guard us, protect us and help us come closer to Jesus every day. May everything we do be pleasing to Him. Jesus, thank you for giving us your mother to be our mother also. We will honor this great gift so that your name may be glorified. Amen.