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Remember the Fallen and Live a Life Worthy of Such a Great Sacrifice

Memorial Day tribute 2019
ProLifeCorner- A tribute to the countless millions of men and women who have valiantly served and died for our freedoms. The title of this short talk is a lesson in patriotism itself. “Remember the Fallen and Live a Life Worthy of Such a Great Sacrifice”. May we always remember the sacrifices of not only those who have died, but the pain, suffering and sacrifices of the families who were left behind. May God bless all of them, may God bless America.

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Pro-Life Corner

“The hairsplitting difference between formed and unformed makes no difference to us. Whoever deliberately commits abortion is subject to the penalty for homicide.” -Saint Basil

In the time of St Basil, the pagan Romans were practicing abortion, but Christians could not conceive of doing such a thing. Christianity has rejected abortion from it’s inception. We do not wish the women today to be put in jail, they suffer enough from their abortion. But any doctor who goes against the Hippocratic Oath goes against their very profession and purpose in life. They will most certainly suffer the detainment of eternity if they do not suffer it here.

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A Huge Thank You…

to our St Joseph & St Mary Meals on Wheels delivery teams for bringing smiles and food to our brothers and sisters in Freeport. We thank Pat Weigel & Karen Hildebrandt, Ron & Roberta Schradermeier, Jim Full & John Shippert, Jane & Jacob O’Connor, and Gabby & Kimmy Williams for their service this month. May God bless you all for your gift to this wonderful ministry! Our next delivery run will be the week of August 26. If you would like to join our team, please call Joanie Williams at 815-298-9705.

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Symbolism in the Church #14

Yes, Mary is our Mother. While Jesus was on earth, she was His earthly mother. But now she is our heavenly Mother. She looks on us from above, bringing the heart of her Son Jesus to us. That is why we must take care to honor her as Jesus did. The statue of Our Lady of Grace was refurbished most recently in 2011. John Shippert touched up some paint and put her finger back on. It has been repaired a couple of times. It is a natural habit to want to pick her up by the hands when moving her. That is where this statue typically breaks. During the Month of May, we crown her as our mother, but also as our Queen. She is the Queen Mother as is attested to in Jewish tradition and scripture (Kings 2:17-20, Jer 13:18-20 & 2 Kings 24:12-15). We are baptized into a great family. Jesus invites each and every one of us to participate in such a great family. His Mother is part of that family. Like any mother, there is no replacement. Continue reading

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VI domingo de pascua ciclo C 2019

La Iglesia está amenazada de quedarse en los medios, los ritos, y olvidarse de lo fundamental, la interioridad de la fe. También nosotros corremos el riesgo de confundir las tradiciones con la verdad, de afirmar como eterno e inmutable lo que es fruto de una época, de hacer apología de nuestra fe con una filosofía ya superada, de imponer cargas y obligaciones que alejan de lo fundamental, de sostener que viene de Dios lo que viene del hombre. Necesitamos vino nuevo en odres nuevos, recuperar la sintonía con la cultura y con el hombre de nuestro tiempo.. El Papa Francisco constantemente nos hace una llamada a recuperar la frescura del evangelio, a valorar lo esencial en el seguimiento de Jesucristo. Continue reading

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The end of the 2018-2019 fiscal year will be here soon!!
On June 30, the end of the fiscal year, the Diocese will match the amount that has been raised this year to reduce the St Mary debt.
They will match the total amount that has been raised ONLY if the money received in the weekend collections and debt envelopes meets the base amount the Diocese set at the beginning of the Debt Reduction Campaign. That amount is $156,706.
To reach that goal, we need another $17,225 contributed in the weekend collections and debt envelopes before June 30, 2019.
Thank you for your generosity.
Please keep St Mary Church in your prayers
as many work hard to reduce the debt.