All Souls Vigil Candles

The Feast of All Souls Day is Thursday, November 2nd, 2023. Thursday Masses will be held at 8am at St. Joseph, 5:30pm at St. Mary, and 7pm at St. Mary (en español). Vigil lights will be lit for all of these Mass times on November 2nd.

Every year we offer vigil candles in memory of our departed loved ones. Vigil lights are lit November 2nd for all Masses. Below is a list of the names of all the departed souls for whom these candles are offered this year.

There is an envelope in your packet for All Souls Masses. Please clearly list your intentions on the back and return it for Holy Day collections. All deceased members of the parishes from the past year will be honored.

St. Joseph/St. Mary parish office

229 W. Washington Place

Freeport, IL 61032