Diocesan Mission Appeal 2023

Bishop David J Malloy

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God gives us so many opportunities to know and see Him. Through our participation in the sacraments, our time spent in prayer, and even in the help we give to those in need around us, we can come to more closely know the Father who wants us to be in Heaven with Him.

Our theme for the 2023 Diocesan Appeal is, “Know Him. See Him.” This is inspired by John 14: 1-12, when Jesus says to Thomas, “If you know me, then you will also know my Father. From now on you do know him and have seen him.”

When we build our relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer we simultaneously build our relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit – and in knowing the Trinity better, we can better let God love us. When we let that love and grace move into our souls, we are more well equipped to share God’s love with others.

Your donation to our 2023 Diocesan Appeal supports our diocesan ministries and our parishes in carrying out the mission of the Church and sharing God’s love with others. Would you please prayerfully consider a contribution of Would you please prayerfully consider a contribution to our appeal? Your gift allows our ministries to respond to those in need, build faith among young and old, prepare men well for the priesthood and for the Permanent Diaconate, and do so much more.

This year our appeal emphasizes the Eucharist – the greatest example of charity. Let our hearts be inspired by this gift of salvation God has given to us. Let us all know Him and see Him.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Bishop David J Malloy
Bishop of Rockford

St Joseph Church

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St Mary Church

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The Mission Appeal Supports:


World Mission Sunday is a unique, global effort for the entire Church to provide for the building up of over one thousand local churches in Asia and Africa, the Pacific Islands, and parts of Latin America and Europe. Through the work and witness of these churches to Christ, the poor receive practical help and experience God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace. With your help, last year the Diocese distributed $46,263.


The Black and Indian Mission Collection (BIMC) provides helpful grants to dioceses across the country to operate schools, parishes, and other missionary services that build the Body of Christ in Native American, Alaska Native, and Black Catholic communities. With your help, last year the Diocese distributed $29,572.


The Catholic Home Missions Appeal funds important pastoral projects in our poorer dioceses, where there are not enough resources to provide evangelization, religious education, and ministry training to their faithful. More than 40% of dioceses in the United States are considered home missions. With your help, last year the Diocese distributed $29,572.


This part of the appeal is a special way for you to assist the Diocese of Rockford in supporting schools that have operating deficits and need your help to become financially viable. Thanks to your generous gifts, we gave $95,000 to needy schools in our Diocese last year!


Would you consider making an extra special commitment to the missionary work of the Church as a member of the Propagation of the Faith? As a member, you will pray daily for the Church’s missionary work, offer your personal cross in union with the suffering of Christ for the redemption of unknown men and women, and donate financially whenever you can during the year.

By designating this appeal on the Mission Appeal envelope, your name and address will be sent to the National SPF Office. Last year $5,121 was contributed.


Religious sisters and nuns serving in Latin America are among those supported by this appeal. They are the very heart of the Church. By supporting their material and educational needs, you help them give their gifts of selfless prayer and service to the Church and to the entire world. Your generosity ensures that their mission to children and entire families continues into the future. From this collection, $21,943 was sent to the US Bishops’ Office for Latin America last year.


This appeal supports the Church in African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe.

The Church in Africa is growing rapidly, but often there are not enough local resources to provide pastoral care for all the communities. The Church in this part of the world needs your help to ensure that all the faithful have access to resources to help them grow in the faith. With your help, last year the Diocese distributed $23,236.


After devoting their lives to bringing people closer to Christ, priests continue to serve as spiritual leaders, n retirement our i more. With gratitude counselors, ministers to the sick and much for their years of faithful ministry, the Diocese has a Priests’ Plan to support our 40 currently retired priests and those Pension that will retire in the future.

Father Timothy Piasecki was ordained 49 years ago and retired in June.
He says, “God has never failed to grace me wherever I have been sent,
from DeKalb to Aurora, from Rockford and Belvidere to Montero, Peru.
At all times and in all places, God has provided ‘marvelous comrades,’
coworkers in service of the Gospel. As I begin retirement I glance back
and see quite clearly God’s ‘fingerprints’ everywhere.” We thank you,
Father Piasecki, and all our priests for your continued faithful service in
retirement. Last year, the faithful of our Diocese contributed $226,672.