Prayers for our nation

Prayers for our Nation

We have found out recently about the plans of having an Abortion mill in the Rockford area in order to attract business from Wisconsin residents to have an abortion. One does not have to believe in God to realize the evil of Abortion. The baby in the womb has human DNA and is therefore a human being in fact. Therefore, abortion would be the intentional killing of a human life.

As Christians and Catholics, we realize our own responsibility to help others see the goodness in God’s creative acts inside these mothers. We would also see our duty to protect these women and babies from such an evil. The first thing we can do is pray. Prayer does not cost anything. Even the poorest of the poor can pray. In fact, God listens attentively to the poor.

The Diocese of Rockford has asked us to pray that this new place for abortions to never end lives lives of these babies or mothers. In fact, I hope our elected officials in Illinois would put a stop such a degradation of women and society. Illinois deserves better than this and so do our children, our grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The “land of Lincoln” has been heralded as the place where the end of slavery was born in one of the greatest presidents in our history. Nobody should ever be relegated as a non-person. Nobody is disposable. Each human being should be regarded as sacred and integral to God’s plan.

 Pray that our fellow citizens may be enlightened by God to see the gift of life and rejoice in it. Pray that no woman may succumb to the culture of death, but come to the culture of life and rejoice in it. Pray that we may see people as a solution, not the problem. Pray that we may accept God’s ways in all things.

Accepting God’s ways in all things is not easy, but it is good. God always desires the good for us. Abortion and the decisions that lead to abortion only leaves us with more pain and suffering. It steals away our dignity. It leads us to ask the question, What if? It is a what if to all the possibilities of these very young lives and their mothers. I hope these mothers would never have to ask that question in regret. I hope that she would be able to see the answer in their children God gave them. With our prayers, maybe she could.

With our actions, even more so, she can really experience the support and love she needs. Weather that child has “defects” or not, she can see God’s perfection. Weather the child will be born in poverty or not, they would experience the richness of God’s goodness. Weather the child is wanted or not, they may experience how God desires them.  Weather the child was planned or not, the goodness of God’s plan would be made known. Every human being is God’s work. We hope that our state would no longer thwart His divine plan.

God’s plan is of joyful expectation. God never ceases to amaze in what He can do when we do His will. Trusting in God and His good will for us is at the center of our message. It is a message of hope and life. Now is the time to bring that message. We will pray for the end of abortion in Illinois. But we also need people who are willing to do some work for life. Are you willing to help us do God’s work? More will be coming to see what you can do.