FPC Fundraiser Banquet

Thank you to everyone who donated items for our gift baskets! They look amazing, and the FPC was very happy to recieve them. It’s all thanks to you, and to the volunteers who helped make this event possible.

St Mary Final Basket

St Joseph Final Basket

From start to finish, we had an amazing turn out! We are proud to represent Pro-Life in our parishes, and these items will all go towards funding better lifes and needs for mothers and their new babies.

Freeport Pregnancy Center

On August 13th, 2022 at 5pm, the Freeport Pregnancy center will be hosting an annual fundraising banquet complete with a sit-down dinner, silent auction, and featured speaker Ryan Bomberger. The theme of this year’s event is “Give the Gift of Childhood” and will be held at the historic Rawleigh Property, hone if Dr. Keith and Diane Martin. St. Joseph is happy to partner with the FPC in this endeavour. Each church will be putting together a themed basket for the auction. Church members are encouraged to donate items that fit the theme

This event celebrates the joy of choosing LIFE.

St. Joseph and St. Mary church will be participating in the first ever Silent Auction to be held at this event. We will make two gift baskets, one to represent each church. Please vote for one of three options below. I encourage you all to vote for St. Joseph AND St. Mary, even if you do not attend both. The top rated theme will be chosen by July 18th. When our theme is officially chosen, we will accept donations that fit this theme and make our very special basket to give away at the auction. Please watch the bulletin for more details as we get going!


St. Joseph – Master Chef Basket!

Thank you to everyone who voted and donated!

Let’s get cooking!

This basket will contain cupcake/cake mix, sprinkles, cooking pans, special ingredients, oven mitts, cook books, spices and all the things you need to bake up something delicious.

St. Mary – Vacation Basket!

Thank you to everyone who voted and donated!

Spend the rest of your summer in style!

This basket will contain sunshine, sandy beaches, tropical drinks, self care relaxation products, and anything else you may need for home-away-from-home vacation day.

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