Thank you for ordering Easter Lilies

There was no time to include a message in our bulletin this year, but nevertheless, we are extremely grateful to everyone who ordered flowers over the Easter weekend. Thank you for your support. We will continue to pray for those chosen by the memorial lilies;

For Clarence and Marilyn Haugh

For Scott Haugh

For Marion and Eloise Coates

For the Deceased Members of the Robeson Family

For the Members of the Koppi Family

For David and Chuck Weigel

For Don and Rita Wittbecker

For the Robert Gerbick Family

For Steve and Peg Ehlbeck

For Deb and Frank Loksa

For Clare and Andy Loksa

For Frank and Dorothy Conley

For Kenneth and Lois Ehlbeck

For the Deceased Members of the Treinen and Epping Families

*Our secretary is still very new to this job, and is still learning how to process the many events that we hold at our parish. Please forgive her for rookie mistakes like this. With your support, we’ll make sure that next year, our flowers will be raining success.