Hand Made Crafts!

We have exciting news around our parishes. Beautiful hand made crafts are both going on sale, and also coming for free at St. Joseph and St. Mary chruches.

Crystal’s Rosaries!

Crystal Nicklaus is crafting incredible detailed rosaries for us, and she is even offering them for FREE! Work like this takes a lot of talent and dedication, so donations for her work is gratefully accepted too. See the details below;

Elle’s Pottery!

Some of you may remember that the St. Joseph breezeway was home to the sale of beautiful hand-made pottery and jewlery over the holiday season. Elle is proud to continue hosting the store in the breezeway, and will be continually adding new pieces to keep things fresh! She will be stocking up on earrings, which became a crowd favorite, and can’t wait to show off the rest of these items as well.

Her store operates on an honor system. Customers are to place the money in an envelope marked “Elle’s Pottery” and drop it off at the mail slot in the office. Each item is labeled with the asking pricePlease do consider purchasing something, or even just giving donations. She is putting an incredible amount of time into these, and all the profits go directly towards helping the parish grow.

Please support these wonderful artists, so that their talent may continue to spread joy to our churches!

Every bit of support matters. Thank you!