As long term parishioners know, St. Joseph and St. Mary have offered Easter Lilies to buy around this time every year. Our new secretary was not made aware of this news in time to prepare for ordering flowers. We will still have artificial ones, but the real lilies will be offered in a limited quantity. We have the usual forms prepared in the back of the church if you would still like to order flowers before the holiday.

If you have any other questions regarding this, please contact Father Barr at (815)232-8271 Ext. 7

If you would like to order flowers directly on your own, you may look up Deininger Floral Shop.

Florist in Freeport, Illinois Service options: In-store shopping · Curbside pickup · Delivery

Address: 1 W Main St, Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: (815) 232-6191

“I offer my most humble apologies for handling our holidays here at the church with a lack of understanding. There are many aspects about my job that I am still learning as time goes on. Hopefully my mistakes will help me to become successful in the long run. If I am still the parish secretary in the next year, I will pour my heart and soul into making sure that all of our wonderful traditions here are continued and made even better. Until then, I hope you can forgive me. I couldn’t feel worse about this, so I will do anything and everything I can to make up for it. I’m doing my best. Thank you for giving me the chance to be here.”