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The Underground Pope-Pope Pius XII

Larry Plachno has been submitting articles to the Pro-lifeCorner for many years now. His attention to detail and his dogged search for the truth is unmatched.

As many of you are aware the world has misrepresented Pope Pius XII and his papacy for many years. Larry has spent countless hours of research into the article which you are about to read. It is his sincere desire that the papacy of Pius XII be vindicated of years of false accusations.

At the end of the article Larry references some of his sources. He has this to say: “Following are a few books that cover what was going on in Rome and the Vatican during World War II. I will include some notes on each one for those who might find this period interesting and want to acquire one or more books to read more.”

         Pope Pius XII

The Underground Pope

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno-

Pius XII is one of the best-remembered popes in recent years. Elected pope in 1939, he served for nearly 20 years until his death in 1958, effectively bridging the years from the start of World War II to the Cold War era. In recent times he has been an increasingly popular subject in both religious and secular media, most likely because of efforts to move him along to canonization and sainthood.

His supporters point out that he served as pope in very trying times, having to deal with both World War II as well as the rise of Communism. Some people will mention a few of his other accomplishments including saving many lives during the war, moving away from the Roman dynasty of cardinals and popes plus searching for the burial place of St. Peter.




Supreme Court And Roe v. Wade

Larry Placno has penned an article that gives accurate information about the current case in the Supreme Court.  He’s written an article that explains the current debate about Roe v Wade. Many, if not most, people think if Roe is overturned it will mean an end to abortion in the US.  This is not so.  It will mean that the individual states will have the ruling on whether to permit abortion in their state or not and it may also mean that certain parts of Roe will be altered.

  Larry brings forth many points that will help us understand just what all this means to our nation.  Please take time to read this informative article.

The Supreme Court And Roe v. Wade

ProLifeCorner-  By Larry Plachno

       Anyone watching the news is aware that a critical case regarding abortion came before the United States Supreme Court in early December. While we may not hear a decision until mid-2022, there are reasons to believe that this decision will impact abortion law positively to a greater or lesser extent. Hence, those involved with the pro-life movement should be aware of what is going on and how this might impact abortion regulations in the future.

       Unfortunately, many of the news sources and organizations were biased in one way or another and it became difficult to sort out what was happening from various claims, accusations and pointed comments. For those who are interested, here is some background on the issues, a brief review of the major questions and a look at possible decisions and outcomes.

       Based on what was said, there appear to be three main questions or areas to watch as this develops:




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