Parental Notification Rights Taken Away

Minor girls can now be taken to an abortion facility behind the back of parents. Any person of ill will, particularly anybody who rapes or molests minor girls may now legally bring a minor girl to get an abortion to get rid of any evidence of the sexual abuse. Parents have a right to know about such things that are going on to their girls when they in such a vulnerable state and in the hands of those who would take advantage of vulnerabilities. Now schools and even people of good will could unknowingly cover up the abuse. Here is the official statement from Bishop Malloy of the Diocese of Rockford, IL;

This week, both the Illinois House of Representatives and Illinois Senate voted to repeal the
requirement of parental notification of abortion in this state. Simply put, that requirement
articulated the common sense that parents must be informed by an abortion facility 48 hours in
advance of an abortion involving their daughter when she is a minor.
Not surprisingly, polls show wide-spread opposition to this decision. The repeal of this requirement
has devastating implications including the undermining of trust between parents and daughters
and the legislative hubris of interfering in the God-given and natural responsibility of parents for
their children. Young girls will find themselves isolated at a crucial moment of life and made
vulnerable to sexual predators. And of course, this action ignores the science as Pope Francis has
recently reminded us — when speaking about the child in the womb he said “Scientifically it’s a
human life. The [embryology] textbooks teach us that.”
I urge all people of good will to offer their prayers at this time. We pray for all the future victims of
this tragic vote. We pray also for all those who have voted for this legislation.
But given our democratic society, this is a vote we should never forget. At the next election we
should be mindful of those legislators who voted in favor of family, young girls and life, and those
who did not.
Our participation in the democratic process and our society should make this a primary issue to
recall as we seek to bring about a better world that is truly just. The young girls of Illinois deserve
better than this.

To find out who voted for such an unjust law and make your vote count next time, here is the information: