All Saints & All Souls Day

All Saints Day, on November 1st is not a holy day of obligation this year. We will honor all of the deceased members of our commuity on Tuesday, November 2nd.

St. Joseph Mass: 5:30pm Nov 2, 2021

St. Mary Mass: 8:00am Nov 2, 2021

St. Mary Mass, En Espanol: 7:00pm Nov 2, 2021

Candles will be lit in honor of everyone who has passed away this year, and will be available for viewing during and after Mass times in both churches.

Some souls shine so brightly that their memory will live on forever. May their very spirits reach you from the flickering candle light, and bring love into your heart.

Alongside our deceased parish family, below are all the souls for whom the candles burn. May God allow them to rest in peace and ease the suffering of the living who mourn them.

We apologize for any miss-spellings. Every one will still recieve blessing and prayers.