Galations 3:10-18

Paul continues in the third chapter, to explain how a person cannot be saved by observance of the law.
He goes back to our understanding of what law is and its nature.
First, I must explain how some people think they might be saved by works or observance of the law by
itself. It really stems from our finite perspective. The idea of being finite comes from the fact that there
was a time when we did not exist physically, and there will be a time when we will not exist physically.
We were created by God. God makes sure of our continued existence and provides for our existence in
the future. This means that we are entirely dependent on God for everything.
Unlike us, God is Infinite. God was never created and in fact is existence itself. All being gets its existence
from God. God is the only infinite being. Not even the most powerful of angels hold this nature. Before
such an infinite being, we could be utterly crushed. By the very fact that we are finite, we have
insecurity issues. Our existence is really not in our control. That makes many people feel uneasy. Some
people may think that maybe they really can affect their salvation. Maybe, if they are good enough, God
could owe them this salvation. Others may think if they get in good, then they can earn or manipulate
themselves into God’s love. These two ideas offend God. They deny God’s goodness. It has nothing to do
with faith (v11). It is just another form of “knowing” they are saved.
We have to remind ourselves that while we have never even heard of God, God has created us out of
His love. Before God even created us, God loved us. It was not something we earned. It is a matter in
trusting in that love. We do not have to proclaim our faith, do any deed or obey any law for Him to love
The Law has already condemned us while we were still yet sinners. That is the nature of law. When we
speed, we get a ticket and have to pay a fine. If we obey the law, then we simply are not penalized. It
does not make you an exalted citizen. You have just done what you were supposed to do (Lk 17:10). In
original sin, our human nature that we inherited has been wounded. The nature of this wound causes us
to sin, offend God, each other and ourselves. Out of love for us, Jesus chose to come down to humanity
so that we may inherit a new heritage founded by Jesus in Abraham (14).
If it is the promise given to Abraham that we inherit, then the old law is not wiped out. Rather, we
discover that the scriptures are fulfilled in the one who has become a curse for us (10-13). The old law is
fulfilled by Jesus taking the curse, then out of His goodness, fulfills the promise given to Abraham. The
law negated the promise for justice’ sake. Yet the Infinite One (God), who knows the sins to be forgiven
before it even happens, chose to give the promise to Abraham. He knew the price that would have to be
paid, before He would give the promise to Abraham. So the promise is not negated, by the grace of
Jesus Christ.
How long ago did he make that promise? How many years has Christ shown His kindness after the
resurrection? It goes to show the consistency of God. His love truly endures all things (1 Cor 13:7). This
allows us to truly have a free relationship with God, the Infinite One. We do not need to be afraid. In
God’s goodness, he calms our fears and our insecurities about our fate. It is a freedom that only love
itself can provide.