Jesus Christ is Risen! In a world full of sin and death, to know Jesus has conquered sin and death is great news. The devil does not have the last word against us because Jesus, who is God, has the last say. It is so good to know that God is full of compassion and mercy for us. For two thousand years God has still shown the consistency of His love for us. He came as a little child showing us his humility and compassion for us. He died on the cross for us, still showing His love and compassion. And now at the resurrection, after Our Lord Jesus rises from the dead, He still has compassion and mercy on us! God is so consistent with His goodness.  

This mercy is not something He had to do. He chose it and still chooses mercy. As human beings, we might choose kindness towards others, but the next day who knows? We are not so consistent in our ways. Thank God He is! Two thousand years ago, Jesus was even willing to carry His cross up mount Calvary in order to make sure that our eternal salvation would be bought. To this very day He continues to pursue our salvation. He died, not just so that we would be saved from the fires of hell. He died that all that is His by nature, being divine, would be ours. We deserve suffering and death because of our sins and the suffering it causes ourselves, each other and God. Yet God still invites us to be part of His family!

We destroy ourselves and each other through our sins. Even our “private sins” damage our relationships with others. It affects how we relate to others and to God. We are all made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, if we offend God, it necessarily affects how we relate to those who are in God’s image and likeness. Our sins perpetuate suffering in this world. Sin causes the sinner and those whom they have sinned against to suffer. Because of this suffering that we cause, we are not worthy of God’s help. Yet God does come to help us.

But we want to put stipulations on God and the help He gives. God has patience with us as we try to put Him in a box. We are so insecure; we think we need to be in control. Yet God is always willing the good for each of us. The most secure place we can be is in God’s holy will. We need to learn to let go of our own will which only leads to sin and suffering. As I always say, if you want to be miserable in this life; do whatever you want.

If you want to be saved from your suffering; and want to help others avoid suffering, do God’s will.  I have yet to come across a person that has regrated actually doing God’s will. Many people have tried to discern God’s will, but were wrong and so regretted it. Others have discerned rightly, but still did not do it and so regretted it. Some may question God as they are doing God’s will. But I have not met any person who has rightly discerned God’s will, did it and regretted it when everything was said and done. God always wills the good for us. This is part of the salvation He offers us. Jesus is the way (Jn 14:6).

Jesus saves us from the fires of hell we deserve because of our sins. Jesus saves us from the suffering our sins cause us in this life. But Jesus not only saves us, but exalts us by showing us His Father in heaven and allowing us to be His brothers and sisters by adoption. He did not withhold the Father’s love from us. God’s salvation holds us close to His heart where nothing but peace and joy exists. It is a salvation where there is no sin; no lies or deceit, no violence, hatred, abuse, greed, selfishness or using of others as objects. Gods’ salvation is where all people love each other and care for each other. It is a place where we see the goodness in each other and desire the goodness for each other and rejoice in it. That is the salvation Jesus thought worthy of dying for us. Thank God!