Something to ponder: Lent

Let Our Lady lead you through this holy season. Entrust yourself to her to help you through your journey. New ways to journey through Lent are waiting for you. You will find a few in today’s church bulletin. Just ask Our Lady. Take this opportunity to grow ever closer to Our Lord through His Mother.

If you want God to answer your prayers, then do not do just a fast that makes yourself suffer, but do a fast that leads to charity. Die to your own selfishness and your own selfish will, but then let that death lead to life to others by charity and love. That’s what God desires our fast to affect. And an act of charity and love could be spending a few minutes in Adoration with the Holy Family here in St Joseph Church (which is being offered to you twice a week), and praying for the poor souls living and those gone. Adoration is on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm, and also Friday at 5:00pm and then you are invited to stay for the Stations.