~ You’re Invited to Join Us ~

We miss all of you! So, while still staying safe, we have been thinking of ways that we can keep in touch with one another. We are considering offering Zoom to you. Zoom is a software that offers quality video, and audio live-sharing to many people over the internet. You will be able to visit and see other parishioners on your computer, tablet or smart phone. To participate, you will need to have a device (computer, tablet or smart phone) that will allow you to access Zoom on the internet.

Zoom is a web-based platform that many are using. You may already have this on your device, so we’re asking… are any of you interested in participating in a church event via Zoom? If so, what would that church event be? We initially thought we would invite you to meet with us after 10:30 Sunday Mass for a test-run of a “virtual” cup of coffee and a doughnut – bring your own!? It has been very successful in many parishes throughout the US. But then we thought you may have a better suggestion. Some ideas might be a Bible Study, Sunday Lectio Divina on the Gospels, a book club study, and there are many, many other ideas. 

If you would like to participate in a Zoom event, please contact the church and leave your name, telephone number, and give the name of the event you would want to participate in. If you have questions, please call me, Cynthia Saar, at (815)
232-7400. Please leave a message, and I will return your call.