COVID Hitting Our Church Community

Nobody would have imagined the impact COVID 19 would have on society. Wearing a mask nearly all the time has become the mandate. Hardly then, can you see a smile from those who believe. Kids scarcely see their grandparents and hugs are missed. So many people suffer from depression. Fear and anxiety overcome so many people and they forget the love of God. Many have lost loved ones either to the virus or simply to other factors. This can add to feeling alone and in despair. Today more than ever, we all need to hear and experience the love of God. Yet the devil is doing everything he can to keep us from the love of God (Rm 8:38-39). I have just started calling all the homes to see how everybody is doing. Earlier this year we sent postcards, but it is good to hear a voice. Computers are fine, but it cannot replace the human interaction we need. Please pray for those in the community that may feel alone or depressed. I encourage you to call each other. God gave you to each other as a support network for each other. This is all part of God’s work to love one another.

I hope to get the live streaming up and running soon for both parishes so that those who are vulnerable can still be served. I hope this investment for souls will be worth investing in. Take advantage of those things we offer while you cannot be here physically. We have live streaming, Facebook and the website. We also have FORMED, with the many videos available to learn or just be entertained by, on the web and for the smart phones and tablets. The Parish App can keep you up-to-date in the community as well. I still offer confessions at the regular times, but in the garage at St Joseph. Holy Hour is now every Friday at 5pm. I hope to offer sessions on Zoom. I am working on figuring it out yet, but hope to have a couple things available for Advent.

In these difficult times, we have had to adapt to the needs of the time. If this COVID keeps going, we will have to make tough decisions while still serving God’s people in any way we can. As a parish, we must serve our parishioners, and as a people of God, we must still serve those who are less fortunate. The number of the less fortunate is growing.

At the same time, our churches need your help so we can pay our bills. I thank God for the generosity of those who have left substantial moneys to our parishes. If you can imagine, this money is getting depleted at a much higher rate. It would be very helpful for us if anyone were to give through our online giving and sign up to give to your parish on a weekly or monthly basis. The gift would be automatic so you would not have to worry about forgetting. It is a way to help us do God’s work, even when you cannot physically help us. It would also help us to adapt and provide for God’s people. God always blesses a generous heart and a joyful giver. They are truly a child of God. Please pray and ask God if there is anything more you can give to Him. He has been so good to us, and I believe he always will be there. He truly is good to us.

I look forward to seeing everyone once this time is over. As the old saying goes, “This too shall pass.” There is a light, and His name is Jesus. God bless all of you.