Women of Christ Conference 2020

To all of the faithful Women of Christ, please mark your calendars for Saturday morning, October 10.

It is with joy that I invite you to this year’s Women of Christ Conference. Instead of traveling out of town, three inspirational speakers will be streamed live in St Mary’s Community Center!

This year’s morning only format, completely free without any charge, was designed by the Holy Spirit after much prayer. God is good!

The Church has always relied on the exceptional gifts of
women to nurture and carry on the faith to our families, parishes and society. She needs you now more than ever, to be sacramentally strong so the graces can spill over to heal our disordered world.

Open your soul to this unique autumn gift: time to soak up sacramental grace from Confession, Adoration, stirring talks, Rosary Processional and participation in the Holy sacrifice of the Mass with our fellow sisters in Christ. The harvest will be bountiful.

There will be more details and an agenda coming soon.

Please register with Colleen Fenn at 815-275-6378 in order to assist with providing socially distant seating arrangements.