1 Corinthians 12:12-31

In the beginning of Chapter twelve, we discover that God is the one who distributes His gifts according to His plans. What follows is to remind us that although we all have many different gifts, our purpose in Christ makes us one in Him. Differences in how God makes us are not there to cause division, but rather, God made it so that we would need each other and we would therefore be even more united to each other. This is true diversity in God’s eyes. Our differences would be an inspiration to honor each other and rejoice in the gifts God has given to each person. We may even need our enemy in the future. We do not believe in karma. It is God’s wisdom to make us learn to love one another.

We should not compare ourselves to others. That is a rabbit hole nobody benefits from, and the devil knows it. Comparing ourselves to others builds division, jealousy and resentment. It can also be used to control others by comparing one person to another. In this way it is used to demean and make another feel useless. Anybody who does this is abusing the other person and does not love them. So many families have broken up by this tool of the devil. It has plagued the unity of the Body of Christ for centuries.

We should just simply marvel at the gifts that each person brings with them. Even a handicapped child has purpose and gifts, equally important in God’s eyes. We learn so many things from them. Sometimes it is simply to stop and enjoy life. Every person in this community has a purpose and is a gift. That gift is not necessarily in doing. The primary gift in each person is in their being, for God “IS.” Your very being is the gift, just like the diamond ring itself is the gift. God did not make us to be like televisions or computers, where our value is in our doing; if it no longer works, it gets thrown into the trash. The gifts of each person are not in the convenience or entertainment they offer.

That being said, there comes a time when, out of appreciation for others, we respond by doing good to others and being an active member of the Body of Christ. God calls us to use the gifts we have to do His work according to our capacity. Even our failings can become a blessing. I remember when I played baseball as a child, I was always on the team at the bottom. Nearly every team I was ever on in sports, we were in last place. The blessing of that experience was that I learned not to be upset at losses, how to lose graciously, to persevere in life, not be afraid to fail, and it kept me humble. So even what seems to be hard times can be blessings in disguise. Blessings and gifts are not necessarily successes.

It does not matter what class you come from. Gifts are gifts. Slave and freemen (v13) , smart and not so smart, athletic or not so athletic, tall or height challenged, music endowed or the tone deaf are all part of God’s orchestration of His people as a gift to one another. It is our duty to see that gift in each other and ourselves. In this way, “all the members share in its joy” (v26).

How the heavenly Father would have His children rejoice in their friendship with each other. The Body of Christ was meant to be one. God made us to be whole and in unison with Christ and all the holy ones who have gone before us. Together we sing the hymn that the angels sing in heaven. We sing here in church, yes, but our voices carry a much more beautiful hymn when we offer our lives here in virtue and use our gifts to bless those around us.