Why America is so great.

With so many things going on in America, there have been many people who would disagree with how great America is. Most of this thought is driven by political agendas that seem to be tearing at the very fabric of society. The socialism of old is rearing its head, exposing its lies of peace and equality while pillaging the hard work of anybody who is not from their group. But this is not America.

America was founded on Christian principles of equality, freedom and self-determination. We all have unalienable rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In no other country on earth do we enjoy the freedoms we have here in the US. The freedom that we have today is based on God, not a state that gives it out. Socialism believes the opposite, that it is the state that has to authority to give rights. The difference could not be starker. The fact that the United States acknowledges that the rights are unalienable means that they are God-given. In fact, that is what makes it a right, whereas if it is the state that gives us these things, it is technically not a right, but a license, hence, driver’s license. So what God gives is a right, but the state only gives a license. The constitution acknowledges that it is God who gives us our rights and so can never take them away.

However, if the state has the supreme say in what a person deserves, then they can change their minds in an instant and take away the license to have freedom, and there would be no mechanism of seeking justice from the state. It is based on a Godless ideology, since at its core it denies God had any say. There would be no supreme being by which those who hold political offices would be held accountable to. The Ten Commandments are not part of the principles of socialism. But it is the Ten Commandments that hold people accountable. It is their belief in God who has given us an objective standard way of living in the Ten Commandments that can allow for a society to grow in justice, and fulfill the obligations it presents.

It is most unfortunate, like in the past; many people have denied these objective truths set before us by God. Socialism teaches that you may be deceitful, kill, or take away a person’s dignity if they deem it fit.

God made us free. He made us to have free will and exercise it as we will. He wanted us to be self-determined. God was willing to take the risk of sin because of His love for us. Free will is the mark that proves God’s love. In free will, we can choose to offend God. Why would God want to do this? The only reason could possibly be that He loves us and wants us to learn to love. Love is found in the will, not emotions. This is where we choose the good for others. Without free will, this is not possible. It is how God made us in His image and likeness. If God made us this way, who are we to deny it? America, by acknowledging our freedom as a right before God, allows us to love our neighbor. It even encourages it.

Later this week we will celebrate the Fourth of July. I hope you take the time to thank God that He made us free, with dignity, and He would entrust to us the right to use our will to love one another. There are so many examples of this in our country from the police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, soldiers, and the average person at work who serve with love and devotion. This country truly is great. Its greatness is so well illustrated by the overwhelming goodness of its citizens. God bless America!