Bishop Malloy makes statement on recent abortion law in Illinois

For those who missed the news about the abortion expansion in Illinois. Here is Bishop Malloy’s statement on May 31.


Today is a dark day in the history of the State of Illinois.

With today’s vote by the Illinois Senate to approve the horribly misnamed Reproductive Health Act, that body has declared that abortion in Illinois is a fundamental right. This legislation strips the unborn of any protection or rights under the law, and demonstrates a grievous disregard for the care and human solidarity we owe to the most vulnerable among us.

This legislation disregards the advances of science that demonstrate the development and the shared humanity of unborn children. In the face of this reality, our State will allow abortion at any time during the 9 months of pregnancy for any reason. It also mandates the cooperation of those who support the gift of life by requiring all insurance plans subject to regulation by the State of Illinois to cover abortion services.

This action takes us one step further down the path which devalues our shared humanity and the dignity we bear as human beings from our creation. The State of Illinois and we as its citizens are better than this.

I thank all who have called, written or visited their legislators to express opposition to this terribly misguided legislation. I urge that we continue to pray, to lobby and most especially to teach our children, the next generation, that respect for the right to life must be rebuilt and reclaimed in the years to come.