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Fighting the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Revolution

Mexico City, December 19, 2014
This report is provided by Sofia Martinez of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Recently, a new bill called the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents was approved by a majority in Mexico’s Senate. The bill was approved despite radical changes to the law initially proposed by President Peña Nieto. Congress removed the so-called, “sexual and reproductive rights,” which activists fiercely advocated.

The Mexican people were crucial in modifying the proposed law. A petition to remove “sexual and reproductive rights” from the bill was signed by more than 60,000 people, compared to 13,000 in favor. When it was time for Congress to vote, a majority of legislators favored removing the terminology, causing the ire of sexual and reproductive rights activists. …

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Church Is Not Egocentric, Power-Driven

Vatican City, December 19, 2014

Pope Francis is lamenting that characteristics such as power-hungry and egotistic at times are appropriate for describng people of the Church. …

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Washington D.C. Passes Bill to Force Pro-Life Groups to Hire Abortion Activists

Yesterday, the Council of the District of Columbia passed a bill that could force employers in the nation’s capital to cover elective abortions in their health plans and require even pro-life organizations to hire individuals who oppose their views on abortion. The bill will now go to Mayor Vincent Gray for approval.

This latest attempt to violate the freedom of individuals in the District should spur Congress to better protect the conscience rights for all Americans. …

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Pope’s Morning Homily: God Saves Us In Worst Moments

Vatican City, December 18, 2014

Pope Francis says even when we do not understand the difficulties of life, we must realize that God, our loving father, has a plan and is there to save his children.

According to Vatican Radio, during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis reminded those gathered that “God walks with us, makes history, tests us and saves us in the worst moments.” …

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Pope Gives 400 Sleeping Bags to Rome’s Homeless

Rome, December 18, 2014

Most people celebrate their birthdays by receiving gifts, but Pope Francis did the opposite. To celebrate his 78th birthday on Wednesday, he gave 400 sleeping bags to Rome’s poor.

Some 400 homeless people of Rome now have a sleeping bag with the papal coat of arms on it.

This initiative, as all of the Pope’s charitable endeavors, was organized by Polish Bishop Konrad Krajedwski, the papal almoner.

A group of volunteers of the Swiss Guard handed out 300 sleeping bags, while the remaining 100 were given to Roman institutions working with the underprivileged.

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Birthday Cards for Jesus

This year we will have the children make Birthday Cards for Jesus in the Religious Education Program. These children will be able to bring their birthday cards up to Jesus during the Masses celebrated for Christmas (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). If any children would like to bring their birthday cards up to Jesus during Mass on Christmas, they may do so with the other children. Happy Birthday Jesus!


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