Symbolism in the Church #41

One of the last pieces of artwork we will look at is the painting on the wall with Jesus holding bread and a chalice. This painting is on the right side as you are looking at the altar. This picture is in reference to the Eucharist, what we as Catholics know to be the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Himself.

The Eucharist is Jesus, so much so that it is Jesus as though He just walked into the room. Jesus manifests Himself in a similar way as He multiplied the loaves. In fact, it is in the bread that He manifests Himself. Jesus chose to be with us, not just in a spiritual way, which is a comfort in itself but to be with us physically in what appears to be bread and wine.

We see Jesus in this picture saying to us, “Take this and eat… take and drink.” He is inviting us to participate in such a holy relationship with Him. This is no mere bread; it is the bread of angels. This image was painted during our last full renovation in 2000 by Raymond Tatar. It is said to be his last painting; on his next job he fell off a high scaffold in a church and died. A couple of repairs have had to be done to this painting since then.

Family members come by from time to time to see the picture. It was situated in front of the tabernacle, where Jesus is reserved in the blessed sacrament on the smaller side altar below the painting. The tabernacle is now in the high altar in the center of the church.

-Father Barr