St Joseph and St Mary Parishes in Freeport, IL

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Mary Magdalene Will Be Celebrated With Liturgical Feast

This is awesome!!!

Mary Magdalene Will Be Celebrated With Liturgical Feast

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GENERAL AUDIENCE: On God Being Greater Than Our Sins

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning!

Today we finish the catecheses on mercy in the Old Testament, and we do so meditating on Psalm 51, known as the Miserere. It is a penitential prayer in which the request for forgiveness is preceded by the confession of guilt in which the Psalmist, allowing himself to be purified by the love of the Lord, becomes a new creature, capable of obedience, of firmness of spirit and of sincere praise. …

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On God Being Greater Than Our Sins

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning!

In Sacred Scripture, God’s mercy is present throughout the history of the people of Israel.

The Lord accompanies, with His mercy, the path of the Patriarchs; He gives them children despite the condition of sterility, He leads them by ways of grace and reconciliation, as the story of Joseph and his brothers shows (Cf. Genesis 37-50). And I think of how many brothers who have estranged themselves from their family and do not speak to one another. But this Year of Mercy is a good occasion to meet again, to embrace and forgive one another and to forget the bad things. However, as we know, life in…


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At General Audience, Pope Tells Faithful What Makes Heaven Celebrate

When we sin, but we recognize it and ask for forgiveness, Jesus celebrates. Pope Francis underscored this during his weekly General Audience this morning in St. Peter’s Square, just one day before his 79th birthday.

Francis began his address recalling that the Jubilee of Mercy was inaugurated this past week by the opening of the Holy Door, and reminded those gathered that the Jubilee is not only in Rome, but in dioceses worldwide, “so it can become an experience shared by every person.” …

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Text of Pope’s Rescriptum Ex Audientia on Implementing New Law on Annulment Proceedings

Pope Francis signed the following Rescriptum ex audientia on the implementation of and compliance with the new law on procedures for the declaration of nullity of marriage on the afternoon of December 7, 2015:
“The entry into force – which happily coincides with the Jubilee of Mercy – of the Apostolic Letters in the form of Motu proprio ‘Mitis Iudex Dominus’ and ‘Mitis et Misericors Iesus’ of 15 August 2015, given to bring justice and mercy on the…

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FULL TEXT: Pope Francis’ Angelus Address

Before the Angelus:
Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!
In today’s Gospel, there is a question posed three times: “What should we do?” (Lk 3,10.12.14).  Three categories of people raise it to John the Baptist: first, the crowd in general; second, the publicans, or tax collectors; and, third, some soldiers. Each of these groups questions the prophet on what must be done to implement the conversion that he is preaching. …

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GENERAL AUDIENCE: On Holy Year of Mercy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning.

Yesterday, I opened here, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Holy Door of the Jubilee of Mercy, after having opened it already in the Cathedral of Bangui in the Central African Republic. Today, I would like to reflect together with you on the meaning of this Holy Year, responding to the question: Why a Jubilee of Mercy? What does this mean? …