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Bible, Acts of the Apostles 2

In the last article starting the Acts of the Apostles, we discovered how the Apostles assumed the authority Jesus established in them. Just by a casting of Peter’s shadow, which would be considered superstitious or idolatry by denominations, is a means of God’s Grace, chosen by God. The authority of the Apostles is real and is lived and experienced by the people. It was something celebrated by the people. The hierarchy of the Church is well under way and common knowledge in its time. Continue reading

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Living the Moral Life 70

As we enter the fall political season, it is easy to get caught up into the mere human element of life and forget that God is there. We think about this policy and that policy. We think about the political party of our preference and understanding, and may even think that party has all the answers. We always need to be reminded that it is not the state that saves, but Jesus. Continue reading

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How to Deal With Temptations