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Pro-Life Group Prepares Legal Response on Planned Parenthood

United States of America, August 28, 2015     

Americans United for Life, a group dedicated to working through law to bring the end of abortion, has compiled a legal response to Planned Parenthood based on the series of videos released in recent weeks.

The response considers that the videos “raise probable cause that…

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FORUM: 7th Planned Parenthood Video and Saturday’s Rallies

United States of America, August 20, 2015     

By Marissa Poulson of Alliance Defending Freedom

A baby’s beating heart.

It’s quite simply one of the most precious miracles of life.

A baby’s heart begins to beat around three weeks—just three weeks!  Around five weeks, the baby’s heartbeat is often visible on an ultrasound.  Around 10 weeks, a Doppler can pick up the sound. 

Typically, a baby’s heartbeat is the first tangible connection that a mother has with her child. The heartbeat affirms to the mother the reality that there is life growing inside of her. 

Perhaps that’s why the seventh Planned Parenthood video is so hard to watch. …

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Days of Prayer, Fasting Being Organized in Response to Planned Parenthood ‘Horrific Actions’

United States of America, July 31, 2015     

Calls are being made by laity and faith leaders to pray and sacrifice, as videos from the Center for Medical Progress have drawn national and international attention to Planned Parenthood.

Here is one such call, made by…

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US Bishops Respond to Planned Parenthood Videos

Washington, D.C., July 30, 2015     

The Center for Medical Progress released today its fourth video exposing Planned Parenthood’s use of fetal tissue, with the results of its investigation attracting growing national and international attention.

On Wednesday, the chairman of the US bishops’ Committee…