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O Happy Fault

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Pope’s Easter Vigil Homily

Here is a Vatican translation of the homily Pope Francis delivered at the Easter Vigil.

“Peter ran to the tomb” (Lk 24:12). What thoughts crossed Peter’s mind and stirred his heart as he ran to the tomb? The Gospel tells us that the eleven, including Peter, had not believed the testimony of the women, their Easter proclamation.   Quite the contrary, “these words seemed to them an idle tale” (v. 11). Thus there was doubt in Peter’s heart, together with many other worries: sadness at the death of the beloved Master and disillusionment for having denied him three times during his Passion. …

Pope’s Easter Vigil Homily

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Thank God He Has Risen!

In the crucifixion, Jesus proved His love for us. He was willing to die a gruesome death so that we may be saved. None of this would have taken effect if He had not proved that He has the power to save us and would save us. This proof is in the resurrection. That is why as Catholics, we view the death and resurrection as one act of salvation. Without the resurrection, we would never know of his power to save and without the death, there would have been no saving act. Continue reading

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“Risen” and the Reality of the Resurrection

When I saw the coming attractions for the new film Risen – which deals with a Roman tribune searching for the body of Jesus after reports of the resurrection – I thought that it would leave the audience in suspense, intrigued but unsure whether these reports were justified or not. I was surprised and delighted to discover that the movie is, in fact, robustly Christian and substantially faithful to the Biblical account of what transpired after the death of Jesus. …

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Pope at Angelus Exhorts Faithful to Let Jesus Cleanse Their Hearts

Vatican City, March 08, 2015

“Do we allow the Lord to do a ‘cleansing’ in our hearts and to drive out the idols?”

During his Angelus address to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square today at noon, Pope Francis urged pilgrims to consider this question as he reflected on today’s Gospel which presented the episode of Jesus kicking out the vendors from the temple (Jn 2: 13-25).

Jesus made a whip out of cords and drove them all out of the temple, “with the sheep and oxen, the money, everything,” …