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Why Is There Hell? What You Should Know About It!

(This Lighthouse cd can be found on the cd rack)
In this moving study on hell, Dr. Scott Hahn shares what scripture teaches about why hell is necessary. What it is like? Who goes there? How can you stay out forever? He explains why Lucifer refused to serve and then responds from a scriptural perspective to the most seductive modern errors about hell. Included are two bonus excerpts from Dr. Hahn’s talk, The Healing Power of Confession.
Parishioner Comments This is a great CD! It gives the theological basis for hell. For me, it also highlighted the need for continued conversion throughout life. Chad – St. Michael, MN
This scriptural approach to the reasons for hell is challenging and enlightening. It put the love of God in our hearts, not fear. Grass Roots Prayer Group – NY

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God Is Patient, But Our Conversion Is Urgent, Says Pope

God is ever patient with us, awaiting our conversion up to the last moment, says Pope Francis, but our conversion is urgent and must get started today. …

God Is Patient, But Our Conversion Is Urgent, Says Pope

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Pope to Inmates: ‘I Come Not Only as a Pastor, But as a Brother’

Rome, September 27, 2015

Meeting with inmates at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, Pope Francis said that he came to visit them not only as a pastor but as a brother.

Immediately following his meeting with Bishops…