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New Study Proves Feminists Wrong: Women Say Their Abortion Was Not Liberating

A new study of post-abortive women across the United States found that women suffer from long-term negative emotions after aborting their unborn babies.
The research was based on an anonymous online survey of 987 women who contacted a crisis pregnancy center for post-abortion care. The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons published the study in its Winter 2017 edition. …

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At General Audience, Pope Prescribes 2 Medicines of the ‘Good Doctor’ Jesus

Jesus, ‘the Good Doctor,’ wants to heal and nourish us. …

At General Audience, Pope Prescribes 2 Medicines of the ‘Good Doctor’ Jesus

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Fascinating Discovery Shows Unborn Baby’s Cells Go to Mom’s Brain and Body

The relationship in pregnancy between a mother and her unborn child is a unique connection, unlike anything else.

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FEATURE: Palliative Care: A Right and Mark of Civilized Society

Rome, November 09, 2015

“A four month old baby, sweet, plump and as beautiful as an angel, is suffering from a life-limiting disease, which in a few days will take him away. There are not enough tears to mourn such a loss, but it is possible to help children and adults with chronic or incurable diseases have a better quality of life,a possibility which affords them respect and dignity; this possibility is Palliative Care. It is not a fraud, a placebo or an illusion; it is a right,and one that invests our civilization with meaning.” …

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Living the Moral Life 16

God created us body and soul. Both make up our being. Our bodies were not some accident that God had with us. He did not intend to create a soul and then accidently have a body come in the process. He does not make mistakes, and your body is not a mistake. God willed our bodies. In the same way, God created us with a soul. He did not create us with original sin. Sin was not in God’s plan. Original sin came along as an affect of the first sin made by Adam and Eve. Both body and soul God created good (Gen 1:31). Continue reading