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The Bible: Wisdom Books

The Books of Wisdom are in a class by themselves. They introduce to us the way God thinks. But we do have to be careful not to interpret what God is saying the wrong way. Some words seem harsh, so we may think God is literally meaning something harsh. There are lots of tidbits that are useful in getting through hard times. They are not necessarily easy to understand. Here is some background for you. It might help you understand a little more. We do have a cd set on the Psalms by Dr. Bergsma in the Daleiden room under the St Joseph rectory. In fact, there are lots of materials that might be helpful in the Daleiden Room. Continue reading

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The Bible and Our Catholic Understanding 2

As we continue the timeline of events in the Bible after Moses, we begin with Joshua, who leads the people into the Holy Land. The Book of Joshua begins with the story of Jericho and the many other battles that established them in the land. This book ends with Joshua renewing the covenant with the people using the famous words, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). The Book of Judges came during the occupancy of the Holy Land. This book has the story of Deborah, Gideon and Samson. The Israelites pretty much dominate the land, but they still have difficulty with the inhabitants in the mountains and over by the Mediterranean Sea. This is where we discover the dreaded Philistines. The Israelites fall short of what they promise, (to be obedient to God), many times. Because of their disobedience, they suffer and turn back to God. God sends them a “Judge” to help them get back on track and be back in God’s grace. Then they fall back in the same cycle. This happened for at least 400 years. Continue reading

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GENERAL AUDIENCE: On God Being Greater Than Our Sins

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning!

Today we finish the catecheses on mercy in the Old Testament, and we do so meditating on Psalm 51, known as the Miserere. It is a penitential prayer in which the request for forgiveness is preceded by the confession of guilt in which the Psalmist, allowing himself to be purified by the love of the Lord, becomes a new creature, capable of obedience, of firmness of spirit and of sincere praise. …

GENERAL AUDIENCE: On God Being Greater Than Our Sins