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My Doctor Told Me My Baby Would Have Down Syndrome

My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant with our seventh kiddo! We knew our kids would be equally as excited and so we wanted to tell them in an extra special way.
Let’s just say it was a celebration! So celebratory in fact, that it hasn’t stopped since. …

My Doctor Told Me My Baby Would Have Down Syndrome: “We Can Terminate If You’d Like”

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Conquer Suffering

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Our Little Daughter Was Blessed by the Pope, It’s a Miracle’

Whatever might happen in little Lizzy Myers’ life, today something happened that has all the characteristics of a miracle. Visibly moved were her mother Christine and father Steve, after their Lizzy was able to crown their dream: to come to Rome to meet Pope Francis.  …

‘Our Little Daughter Was Blessed by the Pope, It’s a Miracle’

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Pope Visited by Seriously Ill 8-Year-Old

Eight-year-old Ignazio Fucci suffers from an immune deficiency associated with intestinal disease, a rare illness that affects only a handful of people around the world. He’s the only child in Italy who has it. He and his family today were able to meet Pope Francis at a private audience in Casa Santa Marta. …

Pope Visited by Seriously Ill 8-Year-Old

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JUBILEE AUDIENCE: On Carrying Out Love

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning!

We are approaching the feast of Easter, central mystery of our faith. As we heard, John’s Gospel recounts that before dying and resurrecting for us, Jesus carried out a gesture that was engraved in the memory of the disciples: the washing of the feet, an unexpected and overwhelming gesture, to the point that Peter refused to accept it. …

JUBILEE AUDIENCE: On Carrying Out Love