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FEATURE: Why Can’t the Little Sisters of the Poor Just Sign the Paper?

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell (Sylvia Burwell is Secretary of Health and Human Services).  The Sisters want an exemption from the odious Obamacare contraception mandate.  Presently, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exempts only churches and their exclusively “religious” activities, and—since the Hobby Lobby case—closely held for-profit corporations.  The Little Sisters of the Poor, like the vast majority of religious schools, hospitals and charities, are a religious non-profit organization with activities not deemed by the government to be exclusively religious.  So no exemption.  …

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Pro-Life Group Prepares Legal Response on Planned Parenthood

United States of America, August 28, 2015     

Americans United for Life, a group dedicated to working through law to bring the end of abortion, has compiled a legal response to Planned Parenthood based on the series of videos released in recent weeks.

The response considers that the videos “raise probable cause that…

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Laos: Provincial Authorities Say Praying For Sick Violates Health Care Law

Rome, March 04, 2015

Authorities in the province of Savannakhet, located in Laos, have declared that praying for the healing of the sick is in violation of the government’s health care law.

In a report that has surprised and disturbed Christians in the region, the provincial authorities ruling was published following the arrest and conviction of five Christians for having prayed for a dying women. …