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When reviewing the surveys we took a little over a month ago, one request was to learn more about prayer and how to pray. There are many aspects to prayer, so I will do articles on prayer from time to time.

There is no real book that is meant for all, other than the Bible. Prayer, and our life in prayer, is different for every person. God reveals himself to each person in a different way. Most people expect that priests know everything about prayer. But there are things that you know about God that I do not. That is because your relationship with God is different than mine, or anybody else’s. God offers each and every one of us a unique relationship with Him. Continue reading

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Pope’s Morning Homily: Put Away the Cell Phones and Have Real Encounters

Pope’s Morning Homily: Put Away the Cell Phones and Have Real Encounters

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Living a moral Life 42

Even the most reserved introvert has to work on avoiding gossip. We button the lip, zip the lip, bite our tongues, pray, avoid people and try our best, but then it comes out full force. But how resolved are we to rid ourselves of this slavery? This type of sin is stubborn. Even after years of hard work, it creeps right back as if a day was never missed. The Devil loves it when God’s children attack each other and our fallen nature is very prone to it. But we are not without hope. Continue reading