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Missionary Sunday

The Propagation of the Faith office of our diocese has invited the diocese of Kumbakonam, India, to speak to us about their missionary activities and challenges. Accordingly, Fr. David Kulandaisamy will be speaking to us during all Masses on the weekend of September 7 & 8.
This diocese, started in 1899 in the State of Tamil Nadu, India, has an area of 7824 sq. km. and a Catholic population of 213,000 (6% of the population). It is served by 212 diocesan and 63 religious priests, 580 nuns and 12 trained lay catechists. The diocese has certain concrete and meaningful goals for a New Evangelization, including:
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Symbolism in the Church #25

On the high altar we have throughout the year the statues of the angels on one knee on each side of the tabernacle. From time to time we will put out angel stands for plants, candles, or other things to set on. These statues should remind us of God’s army, ready to help us. But this army is different than any human army. I do not think we really appreciate the graces we get from these heavenly creatures. I was recently telling some people about the history of these creatures of God. Many people came to me afterwards to tell me they never heard about that. So here is the long story short. Continue reading

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Domingo XXII tiempo ordinario ciclo C 2019

1.- Sólo los humildes fueron capaces de reconocer y de ver al Salvador. Los engreídos levantaron tan gigantescos muros de preceptos y de prejuicios delante de sí mismos que se quedaron petrificados en su propia arrogancia. Fueron incapaces de sentarse a compartir el festín por pensar que eran los primeros en todo y que no había nada que se les escapara a su entendimiento. Tan en primera línea pretendieron estar que, otros desde más atrás, contemplaron, gustaron y presenciaron la novedad que les traía Jesús con mayor nitidez y acogida. Continue reading