The month of November is the month where we as Catholics pray for those who have died. Jesus listens to our prayers, especially when we pray for others. Traditionally we pray for those in our families. We also think about those who have no family or friends to pray for them. All those in purgatory need our prayers and we can help them.

Our loved ones listed below will be entered into the Book of the Dead. They will all be remembered fondly in our prayers. If you have loved ones you would like to add to the book, please CONTACT US and let us know.

(If you notice any miss-spellings or missing names, please send in a correction with clear wording, and it will be fixed as soon as possible.)




Mary Lamm

Anna Mary Millerschone

John Klinger

Michael Szula

Trina Gordon

Charles Koppi

Dorothy Shiana

Marcia Babb

Irene Gralewski

Scott Haugh

Nicholas Losco

Sue Ellen Meyer

Joan Buntjer

Joseph L. Kelley

Kenneth Kundert

Gladys McGinnis

Charlene Williams

Nancy Louise Woitynek

James J. Franz

Judith Babcock

Here lies our dearly departed loved ones. Though their flames may have have extinguished, their light lives on in our hearts.

Please pray for us.

Prayer for Eternal Rest (The Requiem Prayer)

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Fidelium animae, per misericordiam Dei,
requiescant in pace.

Souls for Saint Joseph Church

Souls for Saint Mary Church

Timpe Family

James Joseph Hunt

Jean Neary

Family Members of Valerie Eilers

Family Members of Chris Eilers

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Saar

Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Ida Saar

Gerard Saar

Eugene Saar


Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Mandrgoc

Dennis Burberry

Grandmother and Grandfather Schaaf

All Holy Souls in Purgatory

Forrest Tucker

Vincent Price

Andy Griffeth

Frank and Dorothy Conley

Kenneth and Lois Ehlbeck

Dean McKenna

Walter Alber

Michael Mon

Lisa Hewes

Edgar Engelkens

Lorraine Rayhorn

Ken Rayhorn

Skip Elmer

Gladys Elmer

Aryl Dailey

Ida Haneil

Elinor Dailey

Marilyn Achard

Gerald Steiner

Richard Paul Robeson Sr.

Ruth Ann Robeson

Richard Paul Robeson Jr.

David Andrew Robeson


Mama Teresa

Papa Trifone

Vito Antonio

Frank Sr.


Uncle Dominic

Sister Linn

Friends and Relatives

Forgotten souls

Thomas Mertz

Mr. and Mrs. William Elsen

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mertz

Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas

Don Thomas

Sharon Morgan

James Schuck

Edward Crain

Bob and Mary Schmelzle

Joseph Best

Robert Koch

Walter Dowdle

Noema Dowdle

Cynthia McWilliams

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keith

Richard Guenther

Family members of Richard and Mariette Guenther

Margie Luecke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luecke

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Beirau

Kenneth Howell

Veronica Howell

Patricia Howell

Ellen Pfieffer

Bridget Connell

Family Members of Charles Weigel

Family Members of Art Line

Frederic Toelle

Jeffrey Toelle

Bernard and Sophia Bonnet

William and Lois Bonnet

Robert and Dorothy Bonnet

Robert and Sandy Scheidt

Stan and Eve Orchowski

Clarence and Marily Haugh

Maridan and Eloise Coates

Aryl Dailey

Ronald Kramer

Bob Kramer

Arthur Kramer

Harold Mantennach

Ruella Mantennach

Carl Mantennach

Zilem and Bonni O’Connell

Deceased Members of Charles Weigel Family

Deceased Members of Art Line

Rosemary and Jack Harnish

Valdene Walker

Becky Ackerman

David Robertson

Deceased Members of the Aquin class of 1964

M. Nellie Dresser

Mr. and Mrs. V. Ennis

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Villegas

Mr. and Mrs. Andre Phillippon

Kathy Barnes

Frances Rodemeier

Aurelio Saavedra

Arthur R. Ross Sr.

Lucille P. Ross

Adam R. Ross

Ross Family Grandparents

Curtis and Sharon Diemer

Marie Krueger

Salvador and Eileen Wool

William and Edith Gorham

Bob Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dougherty

Evelyn Bouray

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bouray

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hilton

Alice Schnieder

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giuffre

Nancy Jacoby

Marilyn Evans

St. Mary’s Guild Members

Bushelle Family

Lawless Family

Audrey Murphy

Francis and Loretta Murphy

Andrew and Beatrice Weiden

The Weiden Family

The Murphy Family

Richard Grilliot

Kyle Griffin

Leo Grilliot Family

Ken and Verna Nott

Dick Grilliot

William Woods

Michael Woods

Julie Woods McIntyre

Tim McIntyre

David Clark

Lavern Mullarky

Audry Mullarky

Eugene Nilles

Thomas Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. John Reily Sr.

Glenda Reilly