Are You an Employee or Volunteer of the Diocese?

The Diocese of Rockford Safe Environment required paperwork and trainings are now accessed online!

All employees and volunteers now have an account.

How do I access my account?

You will receive an email from Virtus informing you of your user ID, along with instructions on how to access your account. This will include a direct link to the website. If you are unsure of your password, you can click ‘Need Login Information’ and it will allow you to set your password to whatever you would like!

If you do not have an email, your Virtus Site Administrator will be able to provide you with your user ID so you can enter it and click ‘Need Login Information’ to choose a password you would prefer. Your Virtus Site Administrator is Ann Peters. She can be reached at 815-233-0005.

What do I have to do right now?

Please access your account by logging into Virtus, and update your contact information. Our Virtus Site Administrators have been working diligently for the past few months manually entering all the dates of everything you have already completed so you are not being asked to resign or retake any trainings previously completed. If you are missing any documents or trainings, the system will make that visible when you log in and ask you to complete or acknowledge those requirements.